Forex: Early Monday, May 17

short aud/usd @ 6922, take profit hit @ 6911 for +11 pips on 10,000 units.

I'm still realing from my -22 pips on the eur/usd, but it was only 7,000 pips, I'll make it up in the aud/usd.

I'm watching the aud/usd, waiting for the price to get up near the trendline (down), then I'll look to enter short again.

Flat all markets right now.

Short aud/usd @ 6906

Playing a pullback from the downward trend with a stop above the last high (6919) and a target @ 6897, the low for the morning.

Close on the spike @ 6892 for +16 pips

So far for the day I've gotten out from under the 200 pip hole I dug 2 weeks ago ( I'll call that an even trade since I got out at the same point I got in,)

Had a: +4 pips, +1 pip ,-22 pips and +14. I'm -3 pips but I was trading different units each trade, so more importantly I'm up $10 for the morning.

looking at going short the aud/usd again, big spike up to the trendline after I closed.

short aud/usd @6994, close @6987 for 7 pips on 14,500 contracts

only +4 pips but my account is up almost 30% today because of the weighted average for the units traded.

I like the aud/usd pair Shinken - half the price of the eur/usd and lots of volitility.

short aud/usd again @ 6886, looking for 6872 with a stop above the last high, 6908

went in with a double top, looking to attack the low of day again.

closed for no profit/loss, didn't like the legnth of time the move was taking. Probably wait until tomorrow to enter some more trades.

My account's up 17% for the day, not the 30% I earlier said. Damn numbers, tryin' ta make a fool of me!