Forex: Friday, May14

There are 4 announcements from the US this morning:

USA CPI; USA Business inventories; USA Industrial Production & Capacity Utilization; USA Michigan consumer Sentiment

First two must have come out bad for the dollar, it dropped 80 pips vs the Euro in a half hour.

Production and capacity was dollar bullish, 60 pip move just before the announcment.

The next announcement, Michigan consumer sentiment, is at 9:50 EST.

Gads I love watching the market move.

I had opposing trend lines drawn - one from the highest high to the lowest high, the second from the lowest low to the highest low.

Such simple trendlines, and when one is crossed by the price the trend often temporarily changes in that direction.

Shinken are you online today? I'm dying to hear how you're doing with your funded account!!!

Rooster did you open a demo account with Oanada?

Karl, sorry I have been in meetings the past 2 days and haven't posted much. I closed my AUD/USD late yesterday for a 15 pip profit. I just missed a 28 pip move because of the meetings. Oh well, still a profit.

First trade in my funded account and I am up $150. Great start, lol. How are you doing?

"First trade in my funded account and I am up $150."

Congrats!! Makes me want to work that much harder.