Forex: Monday 10 May

Made 2 great trades today. Long EUR/AUD and then short AUD/USD. I collected 62 pips in total. I then went back into EUR/AUD and learnt a valuable lesson; check the pip spread every time you wish to trade. The spread had jumped to 10 and so I had to make up a whack before there is a profit. I will have to wait and see. So currently long EUR/AUD @ 1.7065.

Managed to scalp 7 pips. What a glorious day 8=D

Short AUD/USD @ 0.6925. A little tentative about this one as I think the run is coming to an end. Probably last short trade in this pair for a while. Damn, the pip values are wicked here on this pair.

Karl, how is your account doing?

Scalpe 4 pips; too touch and go at the moment.

Karl, where are you? It is 06:40 EST. The markets they are awaiting ;-)


(Rooster turns back into henhouse and looks for some appreciation)

Just gone long AUD/USD @ 0.6944. I am not too keen on reversing on a trend I have been following but I think that it might have run its course. I will scalp as it rises though:-)

Bad call, I lost 16 pips. Damn, what an idiot!

Long USD/JPY @ 113.67.

So far looks to be 2 bad calls in a row. I am still long but may take a loss. If so, no more trading for today, it is messing up my average.

"Karl, how is your account doing?"

I'm thinking of becomming a trodgelite and spending my time in a subteranian cavern. ;-)

Great trades this morning! I'm going to check out the charts to see if I can find the technical reason's you made those trades.

Are you still trading mostly off fundementals?

My mix is leaning more towards technicals at the moment. IM me I want your opinion on something.

Karl, received permission to wire the money to Oanda and now have given the instruction to the bank. I wait in anticipation.

I'm not sure what IM means, mail is a pro option only and I'm not going to renew my bluename until June when I drive down past Kirik's place.

I have e-mailed you, did you receive it?

Karl, just sent you an e-mail and have logged out of my account. Let me know what you think.

Don't worry closed the trade for a loss. Don't laugh:)

Laugh? My trading has been going so poor that I want to cry. You on the other hand are doing phenominal.

Do you have your account funded yet?

I have received permission to wire the money and as such have given the instruction to my bank. It looks like I will be rolling in a few days.

Congrats!! Let me know when your account is funded!

You've got a lot of markets in your currency selector, do you search each market for trades? I use a half dozen pairs, mostly watching the eur/usd lately.

ps Shinken is doing phenominally well. He gave me access to his demo account to check out his trades, he's well into the black (profitable).