Forex: Monday 19 April

Just taken 2 positions; short USD/CHF @ 1.2904 and long Eur/USD @ 1.2030. This is purely a fundamental call ;-)

I added to my EUR/USD bid @ 1.2023 and then closed the entire position @ 1.2036. My USD/CHF was closed @ 1.2895. Not too big but I still took a tidy profit.  :-)


I have just taken a long position in GBP/USD @  1.8041. I moved there because the trend is definite and it looks to be trading more actively.

GBP/USD closed @ 1.8068. I felt better about that one, lol.

Just looked at the USD/CHF and EUR/USD charts. I should have shown more patience :-|) I could have taken far more than I did. Oh well, spilt milk; what's next?

Damn, I was sitting on a trade of long EUR/USD. Everything was well, I was up 16 pips. But then, in a flash, the market turns and my position becomes a 6 pip loss. I figured it had to be an anomaly and so held on. It is 45 minutes later and it is only hinting at going positive again. Gotta love this game :-|)

Long GBP/USD @ 1.8107.

Still holding Long EUR/USD @ 1.2060.

Good job on the EUR/USD!

I was looking at that long about 11:00 my time, I thought that if it went down to about 1.2020 I'd take a long, but I went to bed before it dropped.

Now I'm waiting for it to drop and I might enter long.

What are you looking at for an entry point?

Closed all trades for a collective 12 pip loss. SHIT!!!

Long USD/CAD @ 1.3468. Time to recover :-) No, I am not chasing trades; I am not not; not me, never! This was is the one.

Tell me that wasn't you mindset the first time you took a substantial loss. Oh, how we advance and grow ;-)

Oh yeah, -200 pips took the swagger out of my walk.

On the EUR/USD I'm looking for a retracement back to 1.2008 then I'll enter long.

There's two 30 minute bars that bounced around there, and round number support @ 1.2000. If it goes there I'll enter long with a stop loss just below yesterday's low - 1.1984 - and a target near todays hight - 1.2080.

I'm experimenting with the philosophy that the market will bounce off support and resistance like a sign wave - most days - and that it will break through those barriers only to find a new range to bounce around in.

As you said before - I love this game.

If a 30 minute inside bar developes I'll play the breakout to either side, with a stop on the other side of the bar.

Shinken or Saint Joe - do you know how to enter a

Long EUR/USD @ 1.2054.

I missed my entry @ 1.2049 because I got a phone call and fucked up my order. I hate being intrerupted when I'm trading. I'm at -1 on the order when I should be up 4 pips.

SL @ 1.2031, tp @ 1.2074.

It is trading below that now; but in the future all you need do is push the buy/sell button and click on the limit order tab at the top of the box.

I am guessing you entered long?

Entered long, entered the wrong stop, should have been below even number. Got stopped out for a 23 pip loss, but went

long again @ 1.2033 with a stop @ 1.1999 and a target of 1.2077.

I'm picking the wrong direction, fighting the trend on momentum plays, looking for a swing trade without waiting for massive support or resistance areas.

Shinken would you be interested in getting an IRC realtime chat going? I'll set it up but won't have the time to do justice to the idea until May.

I think my major problem is trying to trade while I'm working, clients comming in and out of the office, phone calls, people needing help. Come May I'll be much more focused - plus I'll start comming in at 6 am (5 am New York time).

What time is it at your place? How many hours ahead of New York are you?

I am keen, we are currently six hours ahead. Let me know when and how and I am there. Have you heard from Saint Joe?

Not a word from Joe, his tax season should be done (april 15) but we may be too amaturish to warrant much attention just yet.

I'm getting reamed in EUR/USD again, big suprise. This morning I was fixed on waiting for a bounce off 1.2008 before entering long, I've done two long trades so far, stopped on one and down on the second - and my enter price was no where near 1.2008.

Too anxois to trade, if I don't improve my habits quick I'll stop trading until May.

"On the EUR/USD I'm looking for a retracement back to 1.2008 then I'll enter long."

Before I even looked at trading I had my plan worked out for the day - if I would have worked the plan I'd have saved 41 pips and be in a winning trade.

There's something missing between my well thought out plans and my fingers typeing order entries.

Looks like things are still happening in here!
Went long at 1.3445 in the US/CAD looking for 1.3500 stop is at 1.3415.

Hey WV! Haven't seen you in here in a dogs age, nice to have you back!

Are you doing the usd/cad trade on fundementals or technical?