Forex: Monday 28 April

I am back:-)

Currently have an open short AUD/USD @ 0.7305. I am somewhat nervous with this one because the current trend is indecisive. I will hold on for a while and see if it moves anywhere significant. I like this pair as the pip values are quite high. Also the spread is not too bad:-)

Karl, how is the tax going? Only 2 1/5 days left :-)  

"Currently have an open short AUD/USD @ 0.7305."

And made 100+ pips! Wow!

I'm getting burried under a mountain of last minute work, I've been working on the same return all morning and keep getting interupted by new clients comming in. This may end up being a late night.

2 1/2 days left, then on to Forex. :-)

Shinken what price did you get out of your short at?

Got out @ 0.7249. I had to leave the office and so took a tidy profit but damn I could have taken more ;-) Oh well, let us not get greedy:-)