Forex Trading System...

Enough said.


WTF is "FreedomRocks"?


it's a Forex Trading System. I was on a conference call last night. Alot of the traders using the system made over 100% in the last five weeks or so. They usually get 7-10% a month, but the last little while there was a big jump... I'm starting to use FreedromRocks right now...

Forex is complicated and dangerous for investors that don't understand it and have the capital to play the game. If you think it is easy, go look up the top 10 currency trading hedgefunds in the world and see what there returns have been like over time. Pay particular attention to their drawdowns.

You will find that "Black Box" trading platforms don't perform consistently. While there might be some great success stories, they seem to forget about the multitude of failures when pitching their products.

Momentum = correct.

Forex is really hard because it's damn near impossible to get a REAL edge... Just about everybody has the same connection speed, fees, etc... So the only edges that are available are system edges (ie you'd better research your ASS off to make sure you've got a real edge, rather than just datafitting), or money management edges (and here, since you give up the spread getting in, you're farked again). What can be an edge in stock trading, is a requirement to not lose tons of money in Forex.

Add to that the massive leverage available, and the HUGE liquidity (which can hurt you a lot more than it can help you... basically means the "big boys" are gonna push you wherever the fark they want to), and it's easy to see why so many people get wiped out pretty quickly.

Black Box Systems = Data Mining.

"Black Box Systems = Data Mining."

So whomever is running your system/strategy can use knowledge of your system against you?

I agree. Pacifist is a retard.

I often wonder how people get caught up in believing the stories of the complete unrealistic returns, especially when they have to basically no nothing to achieve them. Maybe they just want to believe it is that easy. In my opinion, it takes years and great discipline to do well investing money. Even then there are no guarantees that you will be good producing consistent results.


It's not a true "black box" system. You kind of set perimets are your level of risk, the currency pairs you want to trade, etc. Not everybody will be trading exactly the same, it will be different from person to person.


And what is the problem? How is what I am doing make me a "retard"? Making comments like that really shows the type of person you are. If it's not for you, then don't do it! Easy enough!

I don't know anything about the Forex? I guess I should stop trading then. Thanks for letting me know what I know and don't know! LOL

"bullshit schemes"... haha... and what makes it "bullshit".

Yes, the more people I sign up, the more bonus cheques I get. That's why I like the business! I make money from trading and building my business.

If you know of a better business to be involved in, and you are such a smart guy, then why don't you tell and or show me a better business to be involved in?

Well... I'm waiting!!! Of course I can't see you coming up with anything better so I will probably be waiting for a long time!!!


haha... LOL

Thanks buddy. I'll remember that! I'm guessing I'm quite a bit more successful and have accomplished alot more in life then you ever will!

The Pacifist,

 Before you take shots at Jason Braswell, you might want to do some research about this guy.  He is probably one of the more knowledgable people on this forum and he trades for a living.  I think he is through his CFA and CMT.  His comments might be a little more harsh than others because he knows more than most of us what it takes to make money investing.  He is the kind of person I would turn to for advice and I would guess I am probably more successful than the average person when it comes to investing money.

  As for recruiting people into a program, I would only offer a few words of wisdom.  The results you promoted are not realistic.  If you recruit people based on those results you will likely injure them.  No achievement has value if it comes at the destruction of another.  Relationship building is a key component of long-term success and wealth.  You will never really do much in life unless you learn to serve others vs. using them for your own needs.  The irony is that you get much farther with my program than you will ever get taking the destructive path.

 That being said, I applaud you on your pursuit for achievement in life.  I hope you turn out to big a huge success.  My comments are meant to be constructive criticism from someone who has made and saved millions in business.  Only you can decide if they have any value to yo.

Let me say that the only reason I was being harsh is not because I'm down on The Pacifist for trading enthusiasm, but rather for his hawking the trading equivalent of Amway.

Although I kind of feel someone who falls for such snake oil deserves to lose his money, I guess I was in a mood to be extra annoyed by such bullshit when I read his post.

Pacifist: You really should come to our office some time and see Jason trade. He's the Rickson of his market (seriously).


I have always respected your opinions and still do. You are one of the few posters who I actually take the time to read everything you write.

As far as Jason's comments, "I agree. Pacifist is a retard." I found that comment to be uncalled for. If Jason doesn't like or agree with what I do, then that's fine. I think it's kind of immature (and I'm sure you would agree) to make such comments.

I do believe in relationship building. I help out and do a lot for my friends, family and community. Heck, I even hopped in my car and drove down to Alabama/Mississippi last year (from Canada) to help you guys out right after the big disaster. I'm involved in four different community organizations, so please don't think I'm involved in this business just for myself and not to help others. That's just not me.

I hope Jason does and will continue to have a successful career. That's great and I like to see people do well. I do however,have a hard time respecting others who are negative. Want to give input? No problem! Want to help? Great! Belittle... don't have time for it.

and I do value your posts... and thank you...


Where do you guys trade???

So this Forex is also via MLM?

Amazing. Explains why my MLM friend is into this one also.

The problem with these MLM's systems is that your main goal is to recruit people, whether it's good for them or not. You will praise the system, even if you are not making money from the product or service itself. It's a pyramid scheme. You will exaggerate results just to get recruits - as you already did here.

MightMakesRight, good job at exposing Pacifists tactics.

That's what scummy about these MLM'a and why resepcted forum members such as JBraswell and Momentum have offered their good criticism.