Forget delta variant, delta plus is here!


Hopefully we don’t get a delta-nato version or a delta+p+ version!

I believe you are correct.

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So is this new variant going to shut down liberal cities and states down again? It seems like bad news when certain places the cases are rising. Hard to tell if it’s just pure fear mongering (Israel, Portugal) or if the US has really already “solved” Covid.

Yawn. We’re already seeing the Decepticon variant in my neighborhood.


Heck yea, I was running out of demons to slay! Hide your grammas folks, Nitey is out on the prowl!


Expee ala doshious!

I was on the fence about the vaccine, but THIS is what finally put me over the edge! I’m going in for all 3 variations of the shot today, getting that triple immunity. I can only hope they roll out even more vaccines to fight these scary new variants! I feel like we need some more lockdowns just to be sure though too…

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