Forget MMA focus on sport BJJ &...

I like MMA, but all the dirty crap that goes on has convinced me that sport BJJ and sub grappling are what we should focus on. I will continue to root for MMA in Canada, but I prefer the comparitively pristine sport of sub grappling. Lets focus on events like the one being thrown by Rick Ammendolia in Hamiltontommorow.

Oh yeah, cause BJJ is just full of guys who get along perfectly, with no animosity between each other.... what a perfect community we have.

/sarcasm off

BJJ/Grappling has its problems too! I hope I dont have to deal with anything close to what happened recently! However, I agree with my friend KashK! Lets focus on the good!

Thanx KashK!

There are problems anywhere that a buck is to be made.

Kashk, you gonna bring that shirt today?

MMA got me into grappling...both sports have political influence. Both sports need our support!


politics are in every facet of life, even when you are a mop guy at a porn shop

its funny cause its true

Good luck to all the competitors tonite! I wish I could make it to this show.

Kick some ass, Krysa.


How much does being a mop guy at a porn shop pay and what are the hours?