Forget MonkeyPox, the real threat are Monkey Narcos! It's the end times

I tried to copy and paste the article, but all I kept getting was code - and I used multiple news sources. Either way, the end is nigh. Monkey executioners and roaming tigers eating random friendly Mexican villagers just trying to pet the kitty.

Please go to the link, the story is amazing.

RIP Little thug monkey narco

Poor little monkey!

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Poor little monkey? POOR LITTLE MONKEY? That poor little narco monkey wouldn’t think twice about tying you up, torturing you for hours, then finish you by cutting both legs and arms off, set your dick and face on fire, then decapitate you just for being a simple lookout for a rival monkey narco gang.

Don’t pity them. They are stone cold killers, this one was just on the wrong side of a gun.

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That’s oddly specific!

It was a mix of a couple of those disgusting Mexican cartel snuff videos that repulse me, but once I hear about one of those videos, I have to see it. I’m not proud of it