Former 125 "UFC Champ"** misses waiiiiiiit

What an embarrassment to the sport.

I really wish she would have gotten a bad beating from Valentina

Weighed in at 143lbs.

Should have been cut agessss ago…

Back to the Res hun

Pro record 4-3

UFC created a belt for Cyborg.

They should just create a 155 lb class and crown Montono champ! Boom, market the 2 weight world champ who is so jacked she don’t need to cut weight, a female Rumble!

I pretty much consider Montono the UFC LW champ now.

If love to see Kayla vs Nicco


Kayla is in the B leagues, Montono is a former UFC champ and the current LW champ IMO.

Like Dana said in May, I don’t know if Kayla is ready for the UFC, it is a whole another level when you get to the UFC. Montono would be too much for a B leaguer IMO.

@BJ_Penn_Forever lol :grin:

I like the potential.

Nicco keeps gaining weight and belts and Nunes keeps having superfights for them.

You get more PPV headliners and a potential 10 division champ dynasty marketing if Nicco can keep up the eating.

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Nicco Vs PVZ @ 185 or 205