Former Congresswoman Guilty Corruption and Fraud

It is nice to see corrupt politicians punished. She is face what could be hundreds of years in all. 

This is a good looking woman

Wölfie66 - Meh, they threw one into the fire to make it seem like they all aren"t scumbag crooks! Scapegoat likely!

yeah that's probably accurate. 

pleading ignance...

how dumb do you have to be take in 800k and only give a single 1k scholarship. at least give 2!!

There is so much corruption in charities it seems.

She is local to me and it's laughable to see the uproar in the black community, not that they've been scammed by this corrupt woman but that the investigators must've been racist and that she is obviously innocent bc she spoke at their Church once lol, there is also concern that the BBQ joint that was opened using this money will now close.

Whambo - There is so much corruption in charities it seems.

Especially with charities that politicians are tied to. cough Clinton foundation

She's wondering why Clinton isn't in jail and she is.