Former fighter new Michigan commissioner

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                                Former fighter new Michigan commissioner

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                    <p>Former fighter new state boxing commissioner</p>

Jim Weber was elected state boxing commissioner Friday. His official title is commissioner of the Michigan Unarmed Combat Commission, and his office also has purview over mixed martial arts.

Weber, 44, assumes the role from Al Lowe, who resigned recently to pursue personal interests.

Weber, who is chief medical officer at Hurley Medical Center in Flint and associate professor at the University of Michigan Medical School, has worked as a ringside physician at more than 30 world title boxing matches and is a former amateur fighter. In his role as commissioner, he will be responsible for the regulation of boxing and mixed martial arts in the state.

"This is a great honor, and I want to thank people who have taught me the ropes along with way," said Weber, who lives in Brighton. "I have a passion for this sport, and my goal is to bring boxing and MMA to a new level in Michigan -- a level that will benefit the economy here."

Personal injury lawyer Wolfgang Mueller, 47, of Northville was elected vice chairman of the commission

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Finally someone with a brain!

very good news. wont be long before kronk gym will have rolling areas. lol.