Former Fighters - Describe your Shaub/Rogan moment

After JRE, I think it would help open some people's eyes to read other accounts of "the talk" that led to your departure to MMA. Rogan is getting a bad rap for how honest he was being on air to Shaub but every conversation I've seen of that nature was actually much more brutal.

I saw a coach tell a fighter to his face that he would never train him to fight again because he wasn't going to be responsible for his health. The fighter jumped gyms and kept right on losing by kayo.

Anybody with the courage to tell their tale?

This thread could get very depressing fast....

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Alright, I'll start. First of all, I share a name with a guy that also fights and our records are all mixed together on every data base.

I was undefeated, did well when I was able to train with UFC vets, and honestly felt like I was going to be in the UFC, without question.

HD Net fights booked me to fight Johnny Hendricks. I was pumped. A buddy had recently fought him and I felt like (at that time) he had holes I could exploit. I trained for months and got in the best shape I had ever been in. I was certain that beating him was my road to the UFC. (Keep in mind, nobody knew at this point I was about to fight a future UFC champ. He was just a champion wrestler beginning his mma career at this point)

Two weeks out I had a bump on my knee that I was sure was a spider bite. The next day, I couldn't walk at all. I went to the Doc and it was god damn staph infection.

After that, I lost all drive to even train for years. I just got back into it this year. It's not quite the same thing but that feeling that the thing you love to do turning on you hit home when I saw the way Shaub looked listening to Rogan

I never made it close to Schaub's level. I started training at 19 years old and had been a fat kid who got in a lot of fights but was never an athlete. I broke my hands, toes, nose, got concussions and skin infections, tore muscles, messed up my shoulders and most seriously in 2008 hurt my neck in a grappling competition. I never made any money from this stuff even though I was a supposed half owner of a successful gym. Every single day since 2008 I've had neck pain and on top of the other stuff I was in dark places for a long time. Even now when I've moved onto another career, in a field that actually has an exciting future, I get depressed that this pain is my life now. I've woken up over 2,000 times now with my neck hurting from me being stupid when I didn't know wtf I was doing.

I was never going to make it to the UFC and I was never going to make money off of it (even though my former partner is making a living off it). 

I don't think I regret it. I have a couple of real friends (lots of people I did know were in fact douchebags) because of it, I met my wife at my gym, and I learned a lot of things that have actually carried onto my current career. I wouldn't counsel someone else to follow my path, but no one told me to do what I did either. I did it because I wanted to and I was stubborn. I had three fights when I probably should have had none, but no one could have told me that. In that way I think I understand where Schaub is. I feel that I was lucky to have had the experiences I did and also have something to go back to that is actually a fulfilling career. 

Schaub has much better opportunities now. I actually haven't seen his last several fights, but I haven't missed a podcast he's been on. I'm not just a fan of Brendan Schaub the fighter, I'm a fan of Brendan Schaub. I think there's a lot of people who feel the same way. It is extremely hard to stop doing something you love, but in a couple of years for me at least I felt more strongly about the other things I'm doing.

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In 2009, I fought a guy at the finals of the ft hood army combatives tourney. I lost the bout via gnp in the first based off a very small mistake. My family was there and my coaches were as well. I had some good guys in my corner, one is still in the ufc, @ I had a lot to prove in this bout. My students were in the audience as well. After the match I had a student call me up, he has zero fighting experience, @ tells me how he's disappointed because he brought friends to watch me. I guess he built me up prior to. I will never forget that call. I went back to training with the anger of this incidence and the loss and took 1st at ft riley the next year. This is no where near what Schaub went through but to this day I can't stand the feeling I had when my student was telling me how disappointed he was. Phone Post 3.0

I was never going to be good. But I was ok in the gym.

I got a new job that transfered me across the country and kept me off the mat for a good 1-2 years. When i went to a local gym and these kids were so gosh darn good. I realized that the sport had passed me by.

I recently met this 19 year old who is a purple belt in BJJ and his kickboxing is amazing....I was training for 13 years and was nowhere near his level.

ugh getting old is a bitch.