Former MMA fighter on Alaska PD (Season 01 Ep 01)

The shows debuts on A&E at 10pm PST (west coast).  Description below! 

Butler was forced to arrest a former training partner

the show starts in 5 minutes. my photos above were from the preview

I checked Sherdog and they have him listed as 1-0, and his name is spelled wrong.

is this the correct guy?

He said he was a pro mma fighter for 6 years and they showed some highlights, but only this one fight.

seems like a genuine cool guy. tough job in Alaska!

They said their district has more crime than anywhere in the US per population. 

There is 4 humans for every Bear in Alaska.  lol. 

I am in Fairbanks.  I know there are other guys in Fairbanks here who are more into the MMA scene than me, they probably know him.  

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charmbar -

Butler is my boy. We both had a handful of fights back in the day. We fought for fun and got paid a couple hundred bucks per fight. Did it for fun.. "pro" is used loosely. 

He seems like a cool guy!  I figured most his fights were unsanctioned.  Did you see the episode?  He had to arrest a former student of his.  They didn't show his face though.