Former NFLs Marshawn Lynch is investing in the PFL

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Former All-Pro NFL running back Marshawn Lynch has joined the PFL as an investor and brand ambassador, the promotion announced Thursday.

Lynch, whose fandom of MMA is well known, is the latest celebrity to partner with the league. He joins a list that includes comedian Kevin Hart and music artist Wiz Khalifa
“I’m really on that owner hype right now, ya feel me,” Lynch said in a statement. “Pro teams, leagues, companies and brands, I’m wit it. Ownership allows you to be closer to the action, to keep learning and making a difference. At the end of the day, the PFL opportunity is another blessing, that’s all I can really say. PFL is the future of MMA and it’s always a win-win when you can work with like-minded folks.”

Terms of Lynch’s financial investment were not disclosed, but PFL will waste no time integrating his name into its product.

Whoever is in charge of scamming investors out of their money for the PFL is killing it.


Wow, looking back at some of the posts about PFL , they are sure ringing the bell to get in the game. Couture , KenFlo , Clarissa , Pettis , Rory etc. Attracting those investors.

Yeah when I saw Wiz was in, why first though was, who cooked those numbers to him? Ha

Check my avatar with the double barrel flip off.


2 years later

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Expensive and good are not mutually inclusive.

Most people fail to understand that.

And best quality inputs doesn’t make it taste good or mean it’s a quality product!

Shit, I’ve had some $1,000-$2,000 sport coats made by top tier labels. Handcrafted and sewn by real Italian grandmothers in the countryside using only the finest of materials. Couldn’t keep that shit out of the tailor having to fix seams that kept coming out non-stop while the mother of Pearl buttons on my $300 dress shirts wouldn’t stay on unless you sewed them yourself first.

Full disclosure that I have never and would never pay even 50% of these retail prices for this shit. Fuck that.

Lol at Marshawn “Good analogy. I had a Tesla! I got rid of that shit.” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Mmm that sound delicious

I’m all about that business, boss.

Lynch likely made good money on the deal considering what they are raising now. Good for him, hope he cashes out before it’s too late.

Randy is an investor also