Former Strongman Oli Thompson future champ!!!

Not sure how old he is but this dude is a fuckin monster, pretty decent takedowns for such little experience, i hope he takes it serious cause he is already dangerous...



Take that announcer off caffine..  Thompson has made real strides since starting in MMA.  From walking around as a 300# Pudzainowski look alike in 2007 to about 255 now.  And he's gone from zero to decent striking in 3 years of serious training.  And to be clear 'decent' does not mean 'top 10'. He's no danger to the elite, yet.  His grappling is basic, and still power driven, but effective at this level.  His next fight is against Mark Potter (this weekend), in London.  It's a good test.  Potter is a former pro boxer; if Thompson can shut him down and get him to the ground, he can win.  If he's forced to stand, look for him to get picked apart and TKO'd

he seems to have more of a natural talent for it than pudz

I agree, a lot more talent.  The Pudzianowski comparison was driven only by Thompson having won the UK Strongest Man title in 2007


Aside from a rough moment from a nut shot early in the first round, Thompson's game plan held.   He got Potter to the ground and finished him with a rear naked choke..  He seems more impressive against better opponents, he's accelerating.   How long before one of the big promotions picks him up?