Former UFC Champion Jessica Andrade Creates OnlyFans Page

Watch out, StevieMcOoowwwMyPussyHurts might give you a verbal warning and question your “Goodability” followed by a dainty stomp outta the thread. But he does it way cuter than I describe… let’s see if he does it again for us


You don’t affect me there buddy.

Stop projecting your sad life on me.

Get some help maybe.

Tell yourself whatever story you want about me that makes you think you won an imaginary Internet argument and move on.

Telling me I’m soft and SJW and whatever else doesn’t make it so in my real life.

It’s not hard to be a halfway decent human without being a retard SJW.

If writing multiple paragraph soliloquies about how disgusted you you are about another person’s appearance makes you feel better then have at it.


I was having at it just fine, then I had to treat a trick like a trick. Maybe you should put some Band-Aids on your nipples before coming on the forum if your titties are going to get that tender. Soliloquy, schmoliloquiy, iambic pentameter, haiku, Eenie Meenie and a fuck you too…

How’s that StevieMcLickDick?

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You could pay these girls millions of dollars per fight and they would still show their buttholes on OnlyFans. That’s just how these hoes be.


I don’t know why anybody would pay for Onlyfans let alone pictures of her body. LMAO!


They should be jailed

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Dont let StevieMcCheeseDick here you say that. It upsets him that he has to put on armor and start charging at windmills…