Former UFCers and PROSPECTS Fighting this week


Ricco Rodriquez (Dubai Fighting CHampionship 1)
Ryan McGILLivray (MFC 33)
Edwin Dewees (MFC 33)
Jesse Taylor (Cage Warriors Thursday)
Babalu Sobral (Instinct MMA 4)
Phil Baroni (Instinct MMA 4)
Ben Saunders (Bellator)

Stav Economou (Dubai Fighting CHampionship 1)
Brock Jardine (Showdown Fights Uprising)
Blas Avena (Showdown Fights Uprising)
Nathan Coy (MFC 33)
Diego Bautista (MFC 33)
Gael Grimaud (Cage Warriors Thursday)
Steve Bosse (Instnct MMA 4)
Vaughn Anderson (Glory 2)
Bobby Lashley (SFL),
James Thompson (SFL)
Trevor Prangley (SFL)
Baga Agaev (SFL)
Doug Marshall (SFL)
Zelg Galesic (SFL)
Sergio Pettis (NAFC)
Michael Chandler (Bellator)
Akihiro Gono (Bellator)
Bryan Baker (Bellator)
Karl Amousso (Bellator)
David Rickels (Bellator)
Ryan Ford (Bellator)
Damian Grabowski (Bellator)
Assan Njie (TheZone FC)

Sorry for any typing errors, keyboard batteries are dying.

Personally hope to see Ben and Phil take home wins. Phone Post

Who are the former UFC guys fighting? Ben is fighting baker right? Phone Post

I will try to do a little better next go around.

Ricco is fighting Stav, McGill is fighting Coy, Babalu is fighting Bosse, saunders is fighting baker, dewees is fighting someone not on the lsit that escapes me, and taylor is fight grimaud

 thank you

Thank you. Atleast I am not the only one feeling the absence of the fight observer. Phone Post

Amossou - Rickels has been moved from this weekends event to next. Phone Post

Thank you sir. Phone Post

Thanks for making this thread! Phone Post

constructive critiscim

Don't use "prospects" for the second list.

James Thompson, Trevor Prangley, Akihiro Gono, etc are not prospects.

Good call. I guess ill make a almost ufcers category. What do you call somewhat important fringe fighters? Phone Post

Ttt for cage warriors tomorrow Phone Post

Shame Ricco had his streak snapped would love to see him in the UFC for one last run. Phone Post

Prangley and Gono have both fought in the UFC Phone Post

LBoutin - Prangley and Gono have both fought in the UFC Phone Post
True that. My bad.

I will be posting stream links in this thread as they become available.

As long as they're legit. Phone Post

I know Bellator, Super Fight League, and Cage Warriors have free and clear streams.

Will help out any way I can with others if you say so here. Hopefully others will also. Mostly interested in MFC and INSTINCT MMA 4 this weekend. Phone Post

Ttt for Cage Warriors today! Phone Post

Jesse Taylor
Babalu Sobral
Phil Baroni

Any of these guys actually fight last weekend? Cant find anything about it. Did Instict MMA 4 get cancelled?