Former UGer NEEDS OUR HELP!!!!

This is RE: Jon Levenson aka "The Predator" formerly here on the UG

Im sure all the old time regulars will remember this guy. He talked a big game about being an AZ "cage fighter" I think he even fought Useless or almost did!!!


AZ Republic: Board seeks criminal charges vs. Kyrene constable Jon Levenson

Published 10/18/2010

The state Constable Ethics, Standards and Training Board is pressing for criminal non-feasance charges and Superior Court intervention against Kyrene Justice Court Constable Jon Levenson, who for years has been drawing complaints and admonishments for not doing his job.

The constable failed to serve legal orders and subpoenas, didn't carry out evictions and misplaced important paperwork, wreaking havoc on court schedules and litigants' lives, according to the complaints.

Until now, most complaints have resulted in censure and retraining orders from the ethics board, which recently sent letters to interim Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley and Presiding Superior Court Judge Norman Davis, saying board members have "exhausted the remedies at our disposal" and want tougher action.

Levenson, 29, is running for re-election to the $60,000-a-year post. If convicted of non-feasance, a misdemeanor, he will be ineligible to hold office and could face fines and jail time, said David Alster, administrator for Maricopa County constables. Absent a criminal conviction, a Superior Court judge could force him to do the job or withhold Levenson's paycheck and prevent him from going to work, Alster said. When a constable doesn't perform his job, Alster said, court cases back up, property managers can't evict tenants, subpoenas aren't served and "the court system becomes totally inefficient."

In a telephone interview, Levenson gave several reasons for the accusations and board censures. He said Kyrene Justice of the Peace Elizabeth Rogers and her staff don't like him, that he lost a court order "in a stack of paper," that a landlord decided after the fact that he didn't want to proceed with a court-ordered eviction, and that he sent an e-mail to the wrong basket, among other reasons.


Legislative District 20 Republicans, whose boundaries overlap the Kyrene Justice Court, have been calling attention to Levenson's behavior on the party's website,, and this week posted copies of racist and sexist blogs that Levenson allegedly posted on under the name DeepRising.

The constable acknowledged posting on the site but said a racist comment he picked up and repeated was written by someone else.

"I haven't posted on the site in over a week," Levenson said. "They're drudging up stuff like this, grasping at stuff; I wish they'd quit."


Ed. Note: Hey Jon, we actually wish you'd quit. But something tells us that you won't, so the voters will have to fire you.  

The Predator would be facing a felony conviction if any of those pussies making accusations got in the fucking cage with him.

Typical dirty political smear job against a popular elected official by a group backing someone trailing by double digits. This shit should be settled in the next RITC show.

The Predator Ill not take this lying down.... He will bust down their doors and double leg them to a chicken wing until they cry "uncle"

HE wil check the oil up to the knuckles!

Am I supposed to take anything you post on the UG seriously?

Sounds like derelicton of duty... from spending too much time on the UG.

He sounds completely inept from the article.

some of his stuff at

is gold

always a bad idea to have your signature be "all black people smell like armpits"

Why does this thread exist ? Phone Post

how can we contribute to his defense, paypal account or something?

Terraform -  Why does this thread exist ? Phone Post

 Probably because a beloved member of this forum is being railroaded by the right wing lie machine and he needs our help to protect him..........

He is OBVIOUSLY a very skilled gov. official and we need him in office helping the people of his district! 

Do I have to EXPLAIN EVERYTHING to you?

LMAO at finding this and posting here!

just when I think I am leveling up in my trolling skills I am reminded at how little I know

Ttt Phone Post

Ttt hopefully the predator has a better 2011