Forms of Suppliments

I have always been against useing any type of thing that inhances my workouts and my results. I have always like getting there on my own naturally. Iv come to realize that ... it's not working!

Im not looking for and rippled fule, or steriod type of suppliments. What I am looking for is a responce to suppliments that wont hurt you internaily in the long run. Certain shakes, powders ect that you take to help inhance your results.

Im not looking to bulk, Im looking to cut/lean

Do any of you have any ideas or wat do you take?

Suppliments are nothing special, they're certainly not drugs. There's really nothing you can just start taking that will make a huge difference in you're training.

Creatine is somewhat useful, but some people get a better response than other's.

Whey protien powerder or a meal replacement baggie like Met-RX can help you take care of post workout nutrition.

A good multi-vitamin can help you meet your nutritional needs.

It would make more sense to put some thought into why your diet and training isn't helping you meet your goals.

Muscle Milk from CytoSport is good stuff. You really have to control your diet while taking it though.

What makes Muscle Milk better than similar products?

What makes Muscle Milk better than similar products?

I cannot give you an informed answer to that. I do not know why it works so well. I've started taking it about a month ago as a replacement to my plain whey protein. I immediately (1st week) noticed I was leaner with moderate size gains. Let me explain.

I count my calories. I try to eat around 1900-2000 calories a day. I try to keep the fat and carbs around 1300 of those calories, the rest protein. When I started taking Muscle Milk I had to cut back further on the real food becasues MM has a higher calorie count than the plain whey and milk. So I'm not totally sure that there is a direct relationship here between MM and my results.

Lastly the stuff tastes really good and I feel good using it after my workouts, something that cannot be accurately measured. I do add 5g of glutamine to my shakes too.

Yeah, I have been taking muscle milk for a while now. Just havent been on schedule with it. I get in the habbit of takeing it then stopf or a while then start again. I just bought a tub while I was at the Arnolds this past weekend.

Im going to try and stick with it on a reg basis now.

What type of foods do you normaly find yourself eating between shakes with the muscle milk?

I use the Protein 95 thingie from GNC, I haven't yet gotten any results since I have only been using it for 4 days.

Whats that???

The supplements I take are mainly for recovery. I train stand-up/ground 3 times a week. On top of that I'm on a mass cycle, using powerlifts. It didn't take long for over-training symptoms to kick in: constant fatigue, lack of desire to train, short-term memory loss, trouble sleeping, etc.

So I got myself a bunch of supplements to help with recovery.

- zinc
- L-Carnitine (pricey)
- Branch chain aminos
- Free-form aminos
- L-Glutamine

this is on top of my multi, Vitamin C, Glucosamine, Calcium/Magnesium, garlic pills, and vitamin E. I'm looking into b-complex as well, as they help with zinc absorption.

the main 3 for recovery for me: zinc, l-carnitine, and l-glutamine. Vitamin C and B-complex I've read help with Zinc absorption. Hope this helps.