Formula 1: 2021 Season Official Thread

It’s not the same as a subscription to WRC+, but does daily recaps and over an hour coverage of one of the super stages tape delayed, that’s usually how I’ll watch.

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i wonder if the smarter posters would like the og, or are they also too woke?

Hippy shit haha

Holy shit, I just glanced out on the RedBull TV site and they have the full Super Formula race posted out there from last weekend? Sweet!

Edit: they posted it to their YT channel too… between this, motogp replay and that extreme E thing this will keep me occupied until Imola…

I doubt it…lol…they would be mortified…the pussies are dead set on shutting down the Reddit F1 page the week of the Saudi GP. …their idea of combating lack of free speech is not allowing anyone to talk about the race

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So fucking backwards

Ever since that Wall Street Bets shit I’ve noticed those lames think they have some kinda power to shut down a race…its kinda funny…FIA and the Saudis dont give 2 fucks about an F1 discussion boards pussy feelings

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some of these fuckers on Reddit have talent…I’m blown away by some of the artwok.


Looks like Ricciardo took a 5m pay cut to go to McLaren.

Russell is criminally underpaid for his talent level.

LOL at Stroll being equal on pay with Raikonnen, Bottas and Sainz. He’s gettin’ dat daddy money.

Pretty sure Lewis took a huge paycut…that $15 million for Vettel is going to age like milk

I thought Lewis was on $35m last year? Source: My admittedly shitty memory.

I believe he makes a shit ton from off track endorsements too.

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Im pretty sure Lewis makes more then that

I think Stroll is very underrated tbh
He got a pole last year and 2 podiums.

He was 4th in the points for a while I think?

He’s proven he can drive at an F1 level, but to my mind isn’t worth that kind of cheddar.

He has has some great moments, but was consistently outshone by Perez during their two seasons together.

Jesus…tough crowd…lol he’s only 22 years old

Russell getting paid the same as Mazespin, lol.

Yep, my issue was his pay. He’s getting paid 2m more than Perez, a time served F1 driver that’s better than him.

He is equal on pay with Raikonnen (former F1 champion) as well as Bottas and Sainz (who drive for the top 2 teams in terms of budget prior to the budget cap).

No way has he earned that.

Yeah I see your point…Red Bull was probably able to low ball Perez because he didn’t have a choice if he wanted to stay in F1

Gio is underpaid
Russell getting the shaft too

That 500K for Yuki is going to be a steal

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