Why do you hate Rossi? He was in F1. He was kinda okey, I guess lol

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I think my picks are in 2nd and 3rd ! But 40 laps to go!

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He whines a bunch

Now its sunny…lol

Wet runners dragging ass

Why do they not run more road / city tracks ?

This is great racing !

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They only do 4 ovals out of 17 races and one of those is the 500

Roman is going to fuck this!! He’s getting confident :rofl:

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Jinxed him…hahaha

This race is awesome

I’m loving it!

I now want Herta to win! Or McLaughlin!! I should be supporting McLaughlin as that’s are a Scottish name :rofl::metal:

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Commentators saying the other drivers are going to start pushing Grosjean around…lol

Gro is a monkey!! Embarrassing he was even in F1…/

He was really fast! But he was a untrusted cowboy!

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If that happened to Rahal he would throw a hissy fit

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This is fun :rofl:

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Herta staying on slicks

Way to early for slicks ?

Everyone on slicks…this will be interesting

This is crazy…switching tires the same caution

It’s so so wet