I was saying thats ok lol


Looks like its just a matter of time now…


Whether it happens or not, it must be real.

Vasseur won’t even deny it. He just says he won’t comment and we’ll find out “soon enough”.


Not a moment too soon.


Why have Ferrari had these leadership issues for so long?

Why cant they hire the right people?


I could write 10 paragraphs about this, but for now i won’t. But ask me the same question after the 2023 season when Ferrari are 3rd or even 4th in the championship and i will do a 10 paragraph rant lol.

I think they just don’t give their race team principles enough time to build and develop… And they have a impatient blame culture…

2020 - 0 wins - 0 poles - 3 podiums - 6th in the championship
2021 - 0 wins - 2 poles - 5 podiums - 3rd in the championship
2022 - 4 wins - 12 poles - 20 podiums - 2nd in the championship ( 5 fastest laps).

Their is no excuses for the basic Ferrari fuck ups during 2022, and as the boss, Binotto is responsible. But he also seems to me to have the team going in the right direction?

And lets not forget that they are racing Newey ( who finally has an engine to match his cars chassis) and Max. I would say the most valuable 2 people in F1 right now.

I’m also no convinced the 2 men at the top that run and control Ferrari really understand F1 racing ( I know they don’t understand the Ferrari brand, as they commissioned the Ferrari SUV, which is diluting the brand for a bit of fast money)…

CEO of Exor - company with the most Ferrari Shares.

CEO of Ferrari


A physicist working in microelectromechanical systems.

Who better to lead Ferrari?


Mad eh…


I mean, the progress has been significant to say the least

Beating Max in a Newey designed car that doesn’t have a pile of shit for a PU is gonna be hard for anyone


Yep. And for 10 years or more we have heard of rumours Newey planning on retiring ( but no rumours now)…
It feels like Max has reinvigorated Neweys love for this shit. Newey has said in interviews that he always wanted to work with Schumi, he now has his Schumi in Max, and a aero ruleset that works for him…

I bet Newey is already looking ahead and being excited by the next 2026 big rule change… It’s Scary.

The FIA are going to have to “change” the rules once again lol


I just had a back flash… Syntaxless, are you the dude on here with the Golf R with loads of mods?

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The same.

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What kinda power is your R sitting at now?..

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It’s been down since August. Got a new tuner and trying to work through the errors with him. It feels really strong but once it hits operating temp (~216°F) it throws an EPC light and goes into limp mode.

You have an R too if I recall. Any mods?

Ohhh… Well, all i can says is, that’s why i only did a light tune on the motor and DSG lol… I Daily the car though… Its maybe 380bhp…

I have a weird rotating noise right now when im going parking speeds ( not in reverse). Sounds like a brake disk rubbing type sound, but its not the brakes. Any idea? ( i had the drive shaft checked)…

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Just maps on the motor and the gearbox. I just put new PS5 tires on it, its always wet here, so they work great…


I bought the car with a built motor already so when it failed we had to tear it down and rebuild it a second time unfortunately. If it had never been opened I’d just be a bolt-on boy for sure. I have a sportwagen that’s got the 1.8L EA888.3 in it and that’s just got an APR stage 1 tune and it’s super fun and peppy. Even the DSG tune alone is worth it.

Where does it sound like it’s coming from? Does it speed up and slow down with acceleration?

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I’ve been driving this in the meantime.


So the maps i had done were APR software “originally”. It was done on a rolling road to the Shell V power avaible here. It feels smother, and i got them to rev match the DSG when im in manual shifting.

The sounds i hear is only apparent at creeping speeds going forwards, like 2 to 3 mph, walking speed… And i can’t hear it in reverse. It’s like a wheel bearing type sound, or a slow speed brake rub after you have been blasting the car and let it cool down. But i got the brakes checked and its not them. Once even at a slow crawling speed and the car shifts to 2nd the sound goes ( but it doesn’t seem to be the DSG)…

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