Forrest fires in stockton cali diaz bro's Link??

in all seriousness, that sux that fires are rageing an destroying homes.........however could tha spark be from a left over diaz bro joint..romo challenge for a forest fire diaz bro..weed pic

What's Griffin doing at Diaz's crib?

 I have not heard of these fires and I`m a little over 10 miles away.Let me check the news real quick.This fire right here was the company I was working for at the time.Luckily my boss had insurance.

ValleyGlass.jpg picture by TheDropper


 No,Nick & Nate don`t hang out at that apartment complex.It`s near Quail Lakes,an actual nice area in Stockton.

it was on msnbc,been on all day

 Yeah,I`m watching the local news now and just found out that there are 3 additional houses burning.

What does Forrest have to do with this?

i was talking about the addrenline mma show with forrest petz hence the mis spelling..not thinking..

omega..Funny!!! i like the guy in the back just standing with his arms crossed in disgust especially