Forrest Griffin on Law & Order?

Please elighten me.

I hope this doesn't effect Forrest's MMA Career. (Noone wants to see a great fighter go Hollywood and put competing on the back burner)

One of our instructors (female) is really pumped up about this. So much so she's saying she's gotta leave tonight's workout in time to get home and watch it.

Ok. Whatever. I hope his whole role is not confined to the 5 seconds I saw advertised on TV last night.

I dont know if thats what you saw on TV but I know one of the writers and this is how he was distributing it. Says we should hope to see a few more fighters in TV spots soon :)

Hopefully though, they will not be all bad guys


it's on tonight...10pm.

wow Forrest is hitting the big time

Let's hope he doesn't announce he's retiring/resigning next week.


lol- a pro fighter in an acting role of fighter- i dont think he's going to go "hollywood"

Frank is 3...2....1....

does it bother anyone else when these guys are referred to as "Ulimate Fighters." Something aboyut that term bothers me.

Why not "UFC superstar" or "MMA Superstar" or something.

Coco will be on! Schwing!

" Frank is 3...2....1...."

Well, if you want to know about it, I can tell you.

saw the preview for this episode..not exactly shedding a positive light on mma.

Yeah- a cold-blooded killer who is an ultimate fighter- Dana must be firing up the DVR

Spill the beans Frank!!!

whoa.. coco will appear on that episode? :D