Forrest Griffin on Tito, Ken, TUF

Here's the link for my newest interview with Forrest Griffin.

Forrest is a great interview.

dominant no. close maybe.

Thanks for the link...great interview.

Dominated is what Tito did to Forrest in the 1st round. Hope they
rematch after the Ken fight.

Not if Griffin continues to do those sprawl drills he did at the end of the fight, bitch!!111

Cool interview, thanks.

Nice interview, thanks for posting it!


tito will murder him in a rematch<<<<

I think Forrest was a little nervous coming into that fight, but he got over it by the 2nd round. He won't be the next time though...and from the sounds of that interview, there are some hard feelings between he and Tito now that weren't there before. Sounds like he really wants that rematch...and he's already proven that he's no walk-over.

TTT for tito putting another beating on forrest like he did in the first rd

I'll give him credit, griffin obviously will fight anybody. Even if Shamrock is over the hill, griffin shows no fear fighting him right after his war with Ortiz

It was basically an even fight, and had it been 5 rds, Forrest would have won, maybe even by stoppage.

That was a good interview. Forrest is far more likable my most than Tito. The funny thing is there are so few fighters who like Tito.

"That's because Tito's a fuckhead. Still a fan though. That's why he's so good"

Are you saying Tito's so good cuz he's a "fuckhead"?


Tito's so good cuz your "Still a fan"?

i like how everyone says hell beat him again like he did in the first round. the first round is all tito had and a awesome takedown in the third. its just not a 1 round fight. forrest showed alot. tito did not

That interview wasn't at all biased.

Good job!

kmt, not kkm. get it right. lol

"forrest showed alot. tito did not"

So fighting with a torn ACL and a broken leg is not showing alot, but hey hanging with that guy wow thats showing a ton of skill and heart

dang alota forrest griffin haters? hez good PR for the sport. chill

I was pulling for Forrest but to describe Griffin as 'dominating the second and third rounds' is laughable.

TTT for both Forrest and Tito.

Also, shane might be the biggest nut hugger of any fighter on this forum.