Forrest Griffin- ROCKSTAR!

Forrest- I just wanted to congratulate you on the fine showing the other night. Personally I thought you won the fight. Either way, you have arrived and all my camp are very proud of you.

We were at a friend's house watching and Bren was freaking as the fight started and another one of our buddies asked if she had money on the fight. I just told him "no" but that you were a personal friend of our's so we had a lot of emotional investment in the fight. Then Bren had to tell the story of y'all getting kicked out of the strip club in Augusta!!LOL!!

It has been a pleasure watching your career grow from when you first started. You are THE MAN!!

TTT for Forrest!!!!!!


ttt for forrest

Forrest is the man. He is one of those guys I will always be a fan of, because win or loose he comes to fight, and brings so much heart to the table.

i thought Forrest won as well

I think that fight was a great one for Forrest's development as a fighter, because (rightly or wrongly) after such a close fight he's gonna have the confidence that he'll be able to hang with all the top guys at 205. Next time he has to take on a top guy the nerves will be lessened and he can get straight to his gameplan

i hope all his UFC fights are that much fun to watch

Awesome Fight!!! I was on the edge of my seat, I haven't felt that way in quite a while when watching MMA... win or lose, thanks for the thrill Forest!

I think Forrest is going to be the next big thing in the UFC with his fight against Tito... even more of a big thing than he already is!

lol @ the haters...

big ups for Forrest showing so much heart, and determination.

I agree... Forrest is the man.

TTT for Forrest...he's a tough dude!!!

is this jonathan from blowout postin?

Forrest fights with a rare fury.


very proud of you forrest. you are awesome

Going into the fight, I was hoping Tito would maul Forrest, and the first round was an incredibly display of pure GnP! But Forrest really impressed me!

After that 1st rd., I felt Forrest completly controlled the tempo of the match. I had a feeling it would be close though as Tito did so much damage in teh first and I figured its goign to be hard for a judge to ignore that!

Maybe I am mistaken, but didnt 1 judge have it 30-27 Ortiz. To me, that is complete BS.

Wassup Cam... Remember meeting me in Fla at WEF??

agreed i told you all i needed to tell ya forrest see ya in a few weeks

princedaydream, it is very hard to take you seriously with that screen name

I was rooting for Forrest all the way! You are one serious contender!!!

TTT for Griffin.