Forrest Griffins future imo

He needs to hang up the 4 oz gloves and get into pro boxing.


Running away is boring.

Flame if you wish, but even Couture usually criticizes people who simply fight not to lose. Forrest is Randy's friend so he won't say it about him, (unless Randy decides to return to 205 someday).



didn't run away, fought a good intelligent fight.

All those people (me included) who complain about sloppy striking in MMA should be happy to see a more composed display of striking.

Nice clean, safe victory. Forrest needed that, a loss meant prelims for him.

Hope he picks things up now.

Forrest wasn't running away in that fight...he fought smart...moving in and out while landing nice combos with leg kicks.

I think he's improved with every fight.

why is everyone blaming Forrest when he was the one carrying the fight?

i mean i think he should have finished his opponent, but other than that he fought a good fight

mojo, so what would you define as good kickboxing then? He showed good footwork and great combinations and picked his angles and timing well. The only thing was he was a bit tentative when he probably could have finished him on a couple of occasions, but given his last result you can understand him backing off and making sure.


Hey, Elvis has game.

Forrest needs to retire. A gatekeeper fighter is another name for a
"Cabbage Head". He is constantly going the distance and that is not good
for a fighter. Nice guy but no cigar.

God dam. Keyboard warriors are going crazy in here.

A bunch of nerds saying that a pro fighter with a 14-4 record should retire because he fought cautiously coming off a KO loss, so he could get a win and get back on track.

He looked pretty good, but I think it would have been more impressive if he tried to finish Ramirez off.

lol @ running away

Forrest was not running away. Bullrush and slug out is not a smart strategy. Fighting smart should count for something, MMA is supposed to be about skill and strategy, not just who can take the hardest punch/punch the hardest.

check his email where his one and only remaining fan Lcolsin sends him pics of her b-cups. he tries to wack off but the zoloft has rendered him unable to achieve wood. this is where i see forest in a yr<<<

Heebler Geebler,

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LOL @ running away and c level kickboxing.   Ramirez is no kickboxing slouch nad he got his leg kicked off.  There were a couple of times where I thought he should have "gone for the kill" but when it's your living, I don't blame a guy for securing a win to stay in contention.

Making your opponent work to find you is not running away.

the ramirez fight made me a forest fan loved every minute of it i had know idea forest could fight so correct ramirez was beaten mentaly in the first 2 minutes from then on it was a sparing session for forrest.

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"I'm a D-cup baby...all natural too..."

This statement is useless without pics damnit!

LOL Forests stand up look more rounded and technical than it ever has.