Forrest Griffins future imo

He fought well.

this is the same guy that basically launched our sport into mainstream america with probably the most exciting fight I have ever seen in my life (bonnar 1)

He definitly showcased his kicking skills. I liked how he mixed it up
working high-low with the kicks and peppering Ramirez with his jab. I
thought it was one of his more impressive performances. He picked
Ramirez apart.

Who would you take? Mezger in his prime or Forrest?

Yes it is a job - and if you cant do it well - then get out.<<<

Forrest is 5-2 in the UFC...I'd say he's doing his job.

When are we going to see your UFC debut?

Lol at a "haymaking TUFer". He's been here for years. Forrest is legit

I'd take Mezger (prime) over Forrest though.....There both Durable
fighters. It'd be a fun fight to watch

Wow Lcolson, your still nutthuging Forest.  Sorry to say but the whole Forrest craze has definetly passed.

Well, Motion713...unlike some people on here...I don't jump on and off bandwagons. If I like a fighter, I like them and a couple of losses doesn't change that.

lol, sorry to break the news to you.

You aren't breaking anything to me. Forrest was being bashed on here before I started posting on this forum. Nothing has changed...

boring fight-Forrest admitted that was afraid to get knocked out and was running from Ramirez-call it intelligent, call it strategy, it just plain sucked-sorry but that's not what I want to see if I pay $40 for a PPV-Franklin/Okami wasn't much better. I personally couldn't give a shit less if i ever see Forrest fight again, and there's no way I'll pay for Griffin or Franklin as a main event unless there's a clause in their contracts that they either have to actually fight, or they won't get paid-something to that effect

Am I sensing a title shot? sweet talker you. You know you just want me for my tits and ass. :)~~~

It is just MY opinion.

I can not do what Forrest does, but I do not like watching him fight.

Sue me for not enjoying his style.

I Like to see someone take the fight to their opponent, not carry a fight.

I guess I just don't understand MMA  ;)



The UFC is partly responsible for the 'fight not to lose' mentality.

Its easy to say they want exciting fighters but they essentially demote anyone - other than a MASSIVE star - who loses 2 in a row.

With that hanging over your head, you're going to play it safe.

Well, your entitled to your opinion, pgreen29.

I've enjoyed this thread about as much as I can stand. lol

I'm off to bed now...goodnight everybody.

Goodnite LColson.  You going to bed though will not make Forrest anymore exciting.  I dont know what is contract entails, but imho if he loses another fight UFC should release him.  Back to the IFC he goes. . .

regarding Forrest and Zuffa, I think he gets WAY more slack than other fighters because of the 'legendary' Stephan Boner fight. BTW, I would rather watch ANY spencer Fisher fight than the 'Legendary' boxing match on any given day.


I thought it was a good display of technical footwork and striking...good combos thrown, etc.

He did not fight with his usual reckless abandon but who the fuck would after being savagely KOed?

...and my wife thought it was one of the best fights she's seen in months.  but then, she isn't a TUF noob and can appreciate a technical game.