Forrest is a TV Star?

I heard that Forrest was on that Ultimate Fighter tvee show. I aint got no American tvee here so did Forrest get kicked off the island? Or did he survive until next week? Because Ive gotta say he was the best light heavyweight of the guys listed.

Forrest is still there and looking good! He's gonna kick a lot of ass!

I do got American tvee and I'd say he is looking the best out of the
light heavies. By far.

Cam, Who told you to go to Japan.LOL He looks good.


I was looking at some of the names on the show, and it was cool to see Forrest Griffin in there. Can't wait to see how the rest of the show turns out.

Bobby Southworth, Nate Quarry, Kenny Florian, Forrest...great crew.

TV star? He ain't no Richard Hatch!

You picked my 4 favorite guys.