Forrest is kicking his ass

And his legs and his head.

and his nuts!

Hector is tough, but Forrest picked him apart. Ramirez will be hurting tonight.

another example of a one sided beating which Stout/Fisher was no where close to being. hope you idiots learned something.

Forrest needed this one and he got it.

Forrest picked him apart, but it was a very boring fight IMO

The Irish love Forrest and Forrest needed some love.

forrest whipped his ass but hector is a tough dude. like many have said, hector is gonna have a tough time walking tomorrow

Forrest fought very smart.His kicking definitely is a new element that made a big impact on the fight.

Ramirez needed to come forward more and smother him to take away Forrest's strength.

Forrest needs to tighten up his footwork, he's really slow to reload after his combos. To be fair his cardio looked shot after the 1st round and he looked like he simply picked his way through to a good victory.

Forrest was too worried about a Jardine-like repeat.

They need to put Forrest on suicide watch, he gets down on himself too much.

yep, he definitely doesn't take his success for granted.

Congrats to Forrest for getting back on track.


Forrest looked crisp and strategic in Bonnar 2 and Jardine, till the KO.

This whole concept of Forrest now doing this is stupid.


"another example of a one sided beating which Stout/Fisher was no where close to being. hope you idiots learned something."

Yeah, learned that if there's a Canadian involved, the only way you can say a fight is one-sided is if one guy doesn't do anything at all.

When one guy outlands his opponent 5 to 1 and wins every round, that's a one-sided fight. Sorry, dude.

Most sportswriters considered PBF/Oscar to be one-sided, and PBF only won 7-5 (at worst, 8-4).

Not to take anything away from Forrest, but it wasnt exactly like he had an opponent who really wanted to push the fight and to win.

Congrats to Forrest on the win. He fought a smart fight and picked him apart for 3 rounds. I like the leg kicks...I imagine Ramirez is going to be sore tonight.

I never thought the crowd would be that big for Forrest...damn!  The chants and the singing and shit were pretty damn cool.

Forrest felt the love tonight.

And that was a very good fight, not boring in the least. It was tense and exciting. Forrest did great with a variety of strikes.

Yet the Sick Dog was there and never gave up. There was always at least the threat of the Jardine-like knockout even though it never happened.

And Forrest is some kind of super hero in Ireland. He was a huge crowd favorite and you could hear it and feel it.