Forrest Thinks Shogun Was Robbed

Forrest Griffin

Forrest Griffin Yes shogun looked great.and yes he got robbed.and i dont care if u think i wudnt beat him now that shit dnt matter 2 me im jus here 2 fight.


 Forrest tells it like it is. 

Forrest is correct.

Forrest is 1) trying to make his victory over Shogun seem even more significant and 2) he is scared at the prospect of facing Machida (whom he would have nothing for).

 Forrest thought he could compete with Anderson Silva too.


boxy - Forrest is right.

And a non-injured Shogun destroys him.

There is one thing I learned over the years : Don't underestimate this motherfuker.

Squared Circle -  Forrest thought he could compete with Anderson Silva too.
I disagree.  I read most of his book and he raves about how great Silva is in it over and over again.  Never once did he even hint that he could beat him.

I don't think he was happy he had to take that fight, but put on a brave face and went out there.