Forrest vs Nakurama

If i spelled his name wrong sorry. I think this match should happen. I know it won't because one ufc and one is pride, but i think it would decide who hits the top ten.

So who do you have winning and how? I think it would be a coming out party for Forrest if he could win this fight in impressive fashion. Even though some say that the Tito fight proved he can hang with top level talent.

I'd honestly say Nakmura by Judo. He'd get the fight to the ground and controle the action but he'd take some nice shots on the way there.

"If i spelled his name wrong sorry."

No, Forrest is spelled correctly.

Great fight, very difficult to pick a winner.

Nakamura by not being American and not having been on TUF.

Nakamura is a hearty little battler, but Forrest wins this I think. After his fight with Tito, he proved he's a good fighter.

try not to steal any thunder from Jardine before he even gets to fight

It would be a pick 'em.

ummm.. Nakamura has accomplished a lot more in the LHW division.

He is not a small guy. He fought HW initially.

He has much bigger wins than forrest and a much more solid base.

Nakamura is just a weak finisher. But he knows how to win fights.

"Naka would win. He does everything better. Truly underrated fighter.Naka/Shogun is goign to be alot better thn most people think."

I tend to agree. Not only is he underrated but he's improving pretty rapidly. I really like Forrest but Nak is very talented. This is an interesting matchup but I'd give Nak the edge and also think he'll tie up Shogun and make it a long and very competitive fight - unless he get s KO's early by a knee or something which is unlikely.

"ummm.. Nakamura has accomplished a lot more in the LHW division. "

Not really. If you break down their wins, Nakamura and Griffin have basically shown themselves to be on the same level. They have both beaten some B-level guys but nobody amazing.

"Naka would win. He does everything better. Truly underrated fighter."

Nakamura's standup is not better than Forrest's. Certain parts of his grappling game (obviously not throws) are weaker as well.

"Naka/Shogun is goign to be alot better thn most people think."

Doubtful. I don't see what problem he's gonna pose Shogun that he didn't pose to Vanderlei.

I dont see Nakamura having problems taking Forrest down. And his G&P is pretty good. He was very close to stopping Randleman

Forrest is a lot better than Randleman off his back.

"They have both beaten some B-level guys but nobody amazing."

So Bustamante is a B-level guy?

Also, he had a very very close fight with Rogerio, who is a top 6 LHW right now.

Busta was only an elite fighter at 185, and was already on the downside of his career at that point. He may have fought Mino to a close decision, but Forrest did the same with Tito. Nakamura may have a slightly better resume, but I think that's splitting hairs. They are very close to each other in their accomplishments and overall MMA talent level.

While being close in accomplishments i dont think the actual fight would be close. Forrest is a jack of all trades fighter and anyone with a strong base can nullify him IMO

I think Forrest would have a good chance of keeping it standing and getting the win that way. Nakamura needs to clinch for takedowns, he's not much of a shooter. If Forrest can keep sticking and moving he'd have a good shot. Also I don't think Nakamura could do much damage to Forrest on the ground.

I'd probably take Nakamura by close decision without either guy taking too much damage.

I think Nak wins 7/10 all by decision.

But Forrest would win 3/10 by finishing Nak.

Good fight, slight edge to Nakamura imo.