Forrest vs Tito was not close...

People I am not a huge Tito fan but everyone who watched this fight with us on Saturday basically felt that Tito won the fight on the first round alone(which was amazing).

Also Tito outstruck Forrest almost to the point of it looking like an amuater vs a pro. When Tito landed even his left jab, which was often even in the second, Forrest's head snapped back like a rag doll. When he actually was able to land on Tito, which wasn't often and rarely clean or effective, Tito looked unfazed with no ill effects.

That it was even a split descion reeks of politics, it really wasn't even close.

It's madness to think otherwise. Talk about biased based on likes this is it. Shamrock1fan might have more sense than these clowns saying otherwise. (No offense S1F)

After watching again, I agree. It was easy to be swayed by the
commentating and Bravo's scoring because I couldn't believe how well
Forrest was doing. But looking at it from a scoring standpoint, Tito
definitely won. But Forrest put up a good, respectable and entertaining

It's a shame it takes a week or more for the sensible posts after events to start coming out.

Mind you, the same could be said or at least similar with Penn v GSP.

You couldn't have scripted a better outcome for the UFC.  Tito wins, but Forrest puts up a good fight and made people want to see him fight again.

The ruthless bashing in the first round was totally awesome, haven't seen that kind of excitement or action for ages.

Pulsar is correct

watching that first round was pure GnP at its finest

Bravo really flipped me out with his wacky scorecard, where's the logic? That Forrest is alive as some of you have pointed out? Well true, but it was about as bad as gets in the 1st without a fight ending.

Then he doesn't even begin to do anything to justify winning the second. I understand these guys are boxing judges but even in boxing they score blows that land on the opponent not the air. Take into factor % of punches landed and Tito starts looking alot sharper, kinda like how Pernell Whitiker made his opponents look bad without him looking good. Plus Tito's were clean and efective.

The third while also lackluster and dissapointing was undenibly Tito's round, Forrest looked happy to be alive and looked busy trying to win a weak decision not the fight. Tito looked odd and off-color but still much more potent.

Pulsar and Sam Pai make excellent points.

I totally agree...just watched the fight again. Tito Definetly won that fight. Forrest was getting too much respect for stuffing tito's takedowns. Tito's Stand up was much tighter and crisper.. He used his jab well and the first round speaks for itself.. Forrest fought an amazing fight but Tito Won.

10-9, 9-10, 10-9

but... forrest being all excited coming into the 3rd was fucking cool as shit. i LOVED that.

More like 10-8(or worse), 10-10, 10-9 in my humble opinion

^ That's what I saw.

Not enough 10-8 scores for a true GnPing.

I'd love to see Tito mix in some Fedor/Riggs style bombs, but he'd be too wary of his opponent being able to get up I suppose.

if anybody would love to give tito a 10-8 it would be me, but it just wasnt quite there. almost, but not quite.

What about the rest of the rounds rubs? And what more would you need to see for a 10-8?

10-8 is there for three reasons

1)He staggered Forrest pretty badly and a knockdown would make it automatic 10-8

2)He then gets a great takedown and holds it the entire round which in and of itself makes it a 10-8 in my humble opinion

3)He damaged Forrest badly and landed the equilvelent of several knockdowns on the ground, this being MMA once again, that alone would make it a 10-8 again

Add all those up I shot the pony and I think you can easily find a very solid 10-8 round. If it helps just think of the cuts.

eh whatever

to me 10-9, but one judge scored it a 10-8. i could see it, just to me it wasnt. i think if maybe forrest actually got knocked down or seemed in danger of it beign stopped. granted he was getting pounded, but he still seemed "ok" if that makes sense. plus he got up at the end.

2nd 10-9 for forrest as tito really didnt do much that round.

3rd 10-9 tito. takedown sealed it. it was close before. forrest was busier but was glancling blows off titos arms, while tito picked his shots but landed them, just threw less. and the elbows on the bnottom by forrest were really just "busy work" to me.

I think it's very conceivable that Tito got a 10-8 the first round. I mean I haven't seen a guy that aggressive with gnp in a while. He was relentless, I mean if he had landed all those elbows and punches while they were standing, and opened him up like that, I think people would definately say 10-8.

At the same time tho, I think it's very conceivable that Forrest won the third round. I thought he landed the better punches, and I agree with Bonnar that Forrest basically negated the takedown, Tito did absolutely nothing with it, I actually thought Forrest was striking better off his back than Tito. Anyways, I will rewatch it. In the end I guess i'm glad Tito won, just because I feel he's the better fighter, and was probably half of what he normally was cardio wise. That said tho, he didn't fight a smart fight for someone under trained. He should have paced the first round better.

lol according to your own scoring how is that a draw?

I was pulling for Forrest, but even without that final takedown, I think tito wins 29-28.