Forrester to take on God

Shannon Forrester came to see me yesterday to let me know he is joining the Priesthood and will be leaving the day after his committment with the Brisy show next week. He apologised to all concerned, especially Richard, and will step up in Spartan 10 and fight him then as the first 6-8 weeks he must stay in house and can not train or do any outside activities.

Good luck with it all Shannon and give'em hell! (...sorry, wrong choice of words)

Am interviewing him on the 20th for the May issue.

God by bolt of lightning bolt in the first round, if he can keep away from shannons kicks

Bummer re that. I thought I had heard it all re reasons for withdrawing:)

Each to there own I guess.


Umm... if he's joining the priesthood, isn't he in God's corner, not taking him on ?

If it all goes well for him I feel for any future opponents. How can you beat a team like that ??


Finally he has shown me a sign, devine intervention! I think I owe god bigtime ;)

Just kidding, hopefully dick will get a match.


Mel Gibson has a lot answer for.


Wow, I'm with Justin, that takes first prize for reasons to postpone a match!!!

When I read the thread title I wondered if Buhrman had taken the fight name of 'God', haha.

How about Forrester vs Devitt (the Heretic) for a dream match card!!!! LMAO



This would have been a good one to add in the thread entitled 'Excuses for not starting BJJ'.

Good luck with it Shannon.


Shannon was talking about this 4 or 5 years ago i remember, Good to see him doing somthing that obviously has been in his mind for some time.

"just do it"

Nako Spain who jumped in at XFC on two days notice to take the fight with Brendon Bell will take up the challenge with Richard Burhmann replacing Shannon. Thanks to Nako and Ray Matsumura for help making this interesting match happen.

This bout will be a real challenge for Richard, every bit as much as Shannon was to be. As Kerry stated Ngakau jumped in on 2 days notice V Brandon and we did not see him at 100%.

Ngakau's MMA losses include 1 by submission to Matt TE PAA and a loss to Hiriwa TIWANGI in a cage fight, old school vale tudo -open weight no gloves! And the loss by rear naked choke to Brandon BELL. He also lost in japan to a shootboxer/shooto guy in MMA (rings KOK rules). He is a very polished fighter!!

Dick needs to have his A game ready for this bout! Great substitution for Shannon.


Ngakou is also about 10 kilos heavier than Shannon.

Ngakou's loss in Japan was to Kenichi OGATA.

Ngakou has also fought in K1 MAX NZ losing to Aaron Boyes, who recently lost a decision to Gurkan Ozkan.

Ngakau was 76kg V Bran He makes 70kg but is RIPPED.

Shannon fights as low as 63kg from memmory.


dick by any sub.

btw,an historical quote. "God the minds of fools":)

fact.. more people have been killed/excecuted in the name of religion than have died in every war in history

the ultimate evil.

I'm not sure how that 'fact' works - most wars have been fought from a religious basis too!

Perhaps the fact should be "the number of deaths caused by 'religion' is only surpassed by natural causes (including diseases and accidents)..."

And my disclaimer: ;-)