Forrest's Cornermen

I saw Rory Singer in the background, was the big scary looking guy Adam Singer?

yep, nice guys

Thanks man. I've heard nothing but good things about both Singer brothers.

The big bald guy is Adam Singer and the other big guy is John Grantham, with Rory being the third. Yes Frank was there in the crowd.

Both brothers are awesome guys. Have chatted with them at tournaments and they are always friendly and usually pretty entertaining.

Adam was the guy smiling over the fence with Forrest prior to the fight.

Rory is a just a little more svelte than Adam.

Congrats to the Forrest and all the HCG guys!!!!!!!

My last visit in Athens, Adam took an hour from teaching class to talk about his profession/give college and career advice to one of my high school students who is entering UGA and looking into a similiar course of study. Frank came by and visited and Rory was teaching class. It was great to be there!

Just came across this and wanted to say thank you for the kind words about Adam and myself.

Adam is a great coach/trainer. I hope that more people start to understand there is so much he can do for anyone's game. I personally feel Adam should be up there when people mention great coaches like Pat and Randy. He is able to realize a person's strengths and weaknesses and put together the most effective training methods to improve upon all of it.

Can't wait to watch Forrest move up through the ranks of the UFC.


Can't wait to see you in the UFC as well.

Go RORY!!!

Thanks for describing me as big/scary. Most people say fat/ugly and my Mom/wife/friends just say bastard.LOL


lol @ Adam.

don't be so hard on yourself. i'm not gay or nothing (not that there's anything wrong with that) but i think you're a very handsome man.

rory, on the other hand, is one ugly motherfucker.


happy pesach singer bros!

and for the record, their clinch dvd is awesome. i highly recommend picking it up.

Bastard. : )

Congrats on all the success. I figured you can't go wrong with big and scary.

They are all great guys!!! ttt for the HCG!!

Great thread. Thanks again y'all.

See you soon JJ.