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 Forrest Griffin TUF 7 Episode Reaction Blog: Week 4 - 4/24/2008
by Forrest Griffin

 "Forrest Griffin is the number one contender to Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's UFC light heavyweight championship and coaching opposite the champ in the new season of The Ultimate Fighter. After the season the two coaches will go at it one on one for the 205-lb unified world title, but first Griffin brings you an inside look at each episode of the new season of TUF.

Courtesy of the UFC and Spike TV, Forrest Griffin and InsideFighting will receive a copy of each week’s episode of "The Ultimate Fighter 7" before it airs. Forrest will then provide InsideFighting readers with his reaction to the episode in his coach's blog which is immediately posted online after the show is done airing every Wednesday night."

 Week 3 Blog:

Week 2 Blog:

Week 1 Blog:

 "You always want the good fights, you don't want to take the easy path. "

-Forrest Griffin

 ttt and good night everyone. Hope you enjoy the blog

great fight tonight and I agree with forrest about riddle. thanks for the read again elias!

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np man. keep up the good work work we all appreciate it

Another good read...

I agree with Rampage.

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 Thanks for another great read...

WatchinMMA - np man. keep up the good work work we all appreciate it

Very kind of you :-)
Thanks bco, LC and CLINT for posting!

"I agree with Rampage. "

Regarding what, SP? Just curious


 Team Forrest fighter Matt Brown's latest blog is now up as well!

"At the end of the episode they preview that Jeremy May and I have a disagreement of some sort. Jeremy is just a douche bag and a scrub and shouldn't have been on the show. Basically he got under my skin. "

Haha - that's a great way to end a blog!

 "Haha - that's a great way to end a blog! "  Keeps you interested, huh?  I just saw the next episode and it's a good one. Can't wait to see more from Matt Brown!

 i think forrest is starting to get sick of Rampage, and i'm starting to get sick of forrest.

its not about who's the funniest or not. its about who's gonna "whoop that azz." 

I'm confused by your post. Do you think Forrest is trying too hard to be funny and that Rampage is just saying "whoop that ass"?  I don't remember if Rampage has said that  at allthis season. I could be wrong.

Do you not think that both coaches seem to be genuinely interested in improving their teams? That's what I'm getting. I haven't felt that either coaches have been trying to draw attention to themselves, but that's just me.

Thanks so much for reading everyone! 



 "Forrest is tough, but he'll get smoked by any championship-level fighter out there who comes to the fight in proper condition...mentallly and physically."

Hey man, Rampage is a great fighter and has the ability to whup up on, not just beat, anybody in the world. And he should come in as a favorite against Griffin.

But I disagree with your comments about Griffin. He is "tough," but I think most have come to see that he's more than that as well. He's one of the more well-rounded  fighters in the division, has an incredible gas tank, seems to be improving and will have size on most guys he faces.

That's just a tough combo for anyone, including championship level fightesr, as he has already shown. It's easy to discount someone looking good repeatedly against championship level guys (Ortiz and Shogun) if you are selective about who is and who is not "mentally and physically" ready, especially when it's done only in hindsight.

Anytime a guy who you think is better loses to someone you think isn't like Griffin, you can just say, "oh he didn't come ready to fight."

Brush aside the fact that part of being the better fighter on any given night is, in my opinion, who is better prepared mentally and physically, one should not assume that Griffin did not have to overcome serious obstacles himself or that he was 100% himself.

He was pretty seriously injured going into the Shogun fight, for example, and obviously hurt himself worse during it because he needed shoulder surgery after.

In any case, none of this is to take away anything from people like Shogun and Ortiz (top fighters with whom Griffin had good fights with), actually two of my favorite fighters who deserve a ton of credit for so many reasons and are good enough to beat anyone in the division on any given day and have proven their championship caliber abilities, but it's just to say that I feel it's very unfair to take credit away from someone (in this case Griffin) for performances based on some adjusted standard for him.

I'm tired and that certainly did not read fully as I would have wanted but hopefully my intention is clear enough.

 "i just want to see when they get pissed at each other. "

Me too Kron :-)

Thanks Hawk, DA and hugo!

Krondawg - 

 i think forrest is starting to get sick of Rampage, and i'm starting to get sick of forrest.

its not about who's the funniest or not. its about who's gonna "whoop that azz."  Rampage by TKO. round 3.

 Why are you getting sick of Forrest?  They really haven't shown him that much on the last couple of shows and I have yet to see him do anything to piss someone off.  Some of you just look for shit to hate on him about...