Only played it on 64, so the graphics were very choppy compared to the pc I would imagine. The overall game's complete 360 degree range of motion was an awesome effect and the feel was dead on for flying around on a hover bike. The one player was fun at first but to me got repetitious halfway through. The multi though was great, I stuck with Clark Culver but someone always had to be Nim Soo Sin just to hear the voice say his name.

I really enjoyed that game, because I was a huge fan of Descent on the PC. Unfortunately, none of my friends could handle the controls, so I eventually found the single play repetitious, too.

Not bad. Not great either.

I agree with both above posts. My brother actually got sick to his stomach from the full range of movement and the floating feel. That stuff doesn't bother me though. That final boss was a tough SOB though. I think his name was like Ramstein or something?