FORT BRAGG - New Sunday BJJ Class

For all of you (Civilian and Military) in the Fayetteville, NC area, I am starting a new traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class this week.

The first class is July 29 at 0800 at Team ROC, just outside the Yadkin Gate onto Fort Bragg. There is no cost for this class. This class will be conducted every Sunday at 0800.

The focus of this class is on the basics of Level I Modern Army Combatives and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Be ready for a very physically demanding class and be ready to participate.

Class will begin at 0800. If you show up at 0801, you will be welcome to watch but you will not train.

If you are not Certified in Level I Modern Army Combatives and you Unit will not send you to the course, this is your chance to learn.

If you are a White Belt looking to make the Blue Belt test, this is your chance to get there.

If you are a Blue Belt looking to make the Purple Belt, this is your chance to get there.

Hope to see you there. If you have any questions, let me know.

Jeff Yurk


 WOW, very cool.



I am, trying to do the same thing on post with Combatives/Judo/bjj. I already talk to GYM 5 manager but i want to talk to the MWR main guy in gordon to get some fliers out. What you think Jeff?

PS any advice is welcome


MWR is a great resource that most posts in the Army are either not taking advantage or, or have not been able to develop a realationship with yet.

MWR sponsors all our Post Events here, every 3 months, paying for trophy's and plaques, handling all equipment, providing personel to set-up and break down the event, etc.

MWR has also sponsored a Combatives League in the past. We have 12 Teams (6-man teams) that compete just like in a Softball event or Football event each week, then a playoff, then a Championship team. Completely MWR sponsored.

I choose to run my class off post, and because we have a local acedemy that supports us (Team ROC), we are able to do it there. This way it is open to everyone, civilian and Military, and both can learn from each other.

In my opinion, flyers are good, as long as you are personally going to the units and handing them to the guys. Hand them to the 1SG's and the CO's. Hand them to the LTC's and the CSM's. Worst they can do is say they are not interested.

Good luck.



Thanks papi !

I see a future NCOIC of the Combatives school developing.

I would hate to be the guy who takes over for Dave Barron...Those are some big shoes...for the next 100 years they will be talking about "The Dave" as he is known in the circle of trust!

I got faith in ya Jeff. By that time "the Dave" will be known as Mr. Barron and will have filled the shoes of the retired Mr. Larsen.

GLG20 Barron does have a nice ring to it...(Rare "Spies Like Us" joke)

But, with that said, lets not retire old Matt as of yet. In fact, last month when I saw Matt, he mentioned that in just 22 more years he was retiring from the Combatives School. The year 2029 is right around the corner!

Hey Jeff -

  I guess only old people like me would get the Spies Like Us reference. 


...and that is what I love about you!

I see Matt as that crusty old Coach character that Burgess Meredith played in the "Rocky" film.

80 years old in corner yelling, "Come on Rocky, get your head outta yer Ass".

SWEET! I look forward to checking this out! You mentioned the Combatives league, is that still going on? It won't be held against me that I'm former Air Force(8yrs) and now a deputy in Fayetteville will it? Like I posted on the other thread I have stuff going on in the next couple weeks but I will def. get there soon, I should be fighting on that UG Grand Prix(ICE 29) card in Cincy Ohio on Sep. 8th(still waiting on fight confirmation though) and I could def. use your help!!!


I have a couple guys fighting in Ohio the week after (Sept 15th). You are more than welcome to come in, we will not make any AF jokes in front of you.


haha thanks buddy!! like I said I got some things going on the next few weeks but I will get there asap!!

Another very solid turn-out. We are getting 15-20 each Sunday. For 0800, I was not expecting that many, but it has been going very well.

Next Sunday, 0800.

The Hammer will always be here!!!