Fort Sill MACP

So last night Ringrulers came to town, and Fort Sill had 10 guys scheduled to fight. We ended up having 8 actually get to fight, a couple of the scheduled opponents lacked some testicular fortitude. We ended up 5 wins and 3 losses. (one loss went to split decision and is being challenged and reviewed at the state athletic commision) The local folks now have an amazing respect for MACP including much of the chain of command. The MACP fight plan worked over and over and over again. I am not saying my guys aren't able to stand and just bang, but I keep getting crap that they should work on just standup, I personally prefer throwing the opponent on the ground and then hitting them repeat as necesary. The fight promoter and the crowd was impressed with the technical level, athletic level, and warrior spirit of all the MACP fighters. Thanks to all the guys for working so hard.

Brad Downing winning a hard pro debut. Way to go Twitch.


Benzell Vereen #2 Army Heavyweight about to show it wasn't a fluke.


TJ going for the takedown. This ended up a loss for us, but was a great fight, and bad scoring by the boxing judges at ringside, so the athletic commision is going to take a look at it next week. Either way TJ "Tonto Bellator" came out with an impresive first fight.


LT Scott Ferguson about to apply the beatdown of the evening to a guy from a local gym.

LT Ferguson

Good show for all, Fort Sill Soldiers put on great displays of hand to hand skills.


Great job men. This is how we take over the world!


SFC Matt Larsen - Great job men. This is how we take over the world!


 Diabolical minds think alike, Matt's got plans. LOL

Hey BDP, you have Boxing people trying to judge MMA, IL has had some problems with that too. The Athletic Commison even tried using some Boxing Ref's, big mistake.

Why dont your guys like their Standup?

No we have boxers training here for a smoker and their coaches think we should just train boxing, blah blah, we don't respect standup. They don't understand the master plan. I don't know how many times I have to prove that just training to get better at the universal fight plan isn't the answer. Its a constant fight against ignorance. The guys do train standup, but its not all they train.

 Oh, ..............yeah I've trained Boxers too and actually I've tried to steal some of them and bring em over to the "Dark-side" LOL. Didnt work, but  I loved holding pads for them, out of the blue they would miss step and I would kick them in the legs or drop their hands and I would kick them in the head, or stay in one place too long and I would unload on them, or if they tried to clinched the knees would start flying. That was fun.

It got harder the farther it went but they came to respect the differences in arts. Made them better all around too I think.

Take a couple to the ground and see what they give you. Should be interesting.