Fort St John?

My buddy has just landed a new job up there and is moving in a few weeks. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a good club to train at. He is looking mainly for submission wrestling.

Your buddy is in trouble. I was looking into that a little while ago. I could be wrong but I think the the best he will be able to do is get on a plane and visit Bill Mahood in Prince George or take the 4 (?) hour drive.

Did some more looking. On the Fort St.John website take a look at community groups. There is a Judo group as well as a couple other martial arts groups. They all have contact #'s, so at least it is a start.

I recently fought a guy out of Fort St John--I think he trained at some Kickboxing club there that does mma also. Unfortunately he got armbarred in 20 seconds so I dont know the level of submission wrestling they got up there.

Thanks guys, I'll pass along the information. Hopefully he can find some people to hook up with.

my buddy is moving to Fort St. John in a few weeks. Wanted me to come with but I said no thank you.