fort walton bjj?

does anybody know of a place to train in fort walton?

talk to countrypimp....he mentioned to me that a team from ft walton was bringing a grip load of guys to the BJJ tourney on the 16th

Danny Ruiz, black belt under De la Riva.

or talk to Golden Arm, he may have some info for you as well lol.

Danny Ruiz is a great teacher and good friend. His students are very good and technical. We had them up at my gym for a seminar with Pedrino Brandao. Check him out.

Tell him Aaron sent you and you will get a free shot or six pack of beer!

Danny is a real cool guy and super tough. Black belt in BJJ & Judo. We used to train togethor at Pedro Sauers when I was livin in Salt Lake City.