Fortunate time for combat sports fans.

Enjoying all the events this fall. With the UFC, Bellator, WSOF, One fc, Glory, ADCC, and boxing all delivering solid content this fall it is a really great time to be a MMA/combat sports fan.

Truth. It was great checking ADCC results between rounds and fights last night Phone Post 3.0

I know the thread lacked direction and content but when you started watching this stuff in the mid 90's, you really appreciate the frequency and quality of the content available to you today.

I am in the middle of reading the ADCC play by play and watched Bellator friday and UFC yesterday. Had I not been watching those events I would have purchased the ADCC event. Too bad it feel on a big MMA weekend. Would normally order One fc too but I did not wake up in time. So much awesomeness, yet only 24 hours in eat day.

it fell


hours in each day


Just rewatched Gil vs Sanchez. Sick, sick, sick, fight...