Forty Thieves Clothing Shorts!

If you are looking for cool shorts for grappling, surfing, or just hanging out, but don´t want the lame pit bull/lighting bolt type of tough guy wear, you have to check out

Seriously, this is quality stuff with a laid back design that is totally different from most of the gear grapplers are wearing.

I have a pair of their shorts and they are perfect for no gi training. They have a neoprene piece of material in the crotch that allows the shorts to stretch when you need them to. They also have a split on the side so that you dont feel restricted when you kick or shoot a double.

They also have that microfiber material that dries quickly.

Check them out!


You on commision Andre? :-)

I have a pair of Sovereign (the precursor to Forty Thieves) shorts. They are, by far, the best grappling shorts I have ever used.

The new design is an update over them. I will definitely be picking up a pair.

(And I'm not on commission)

I can't find shorts on their site, just t-shirts...i must be feckin blind?

hang on, just found some.....DOH!

Yeah...I had trouble too. The shorts are listed as "The New Black" under "Men's"

Maybe they should list them as "shorts."

lol...I´m not on commission (I cant even spell it). have great shorts..

All of their stuff is really good quality

TTT for

Sovereign's are the best. So they are so hard to find because they have become Forty Theives? Ok cool.

Yes, I second that they need to list them as shorts... Too hard to find...

Velcro closure with no strings?
Don't you feel a bit insecure grappling in these?
(Looks really nice though)

Velcro closure with no strings? Don't you feel a bit insecure grappling in these? (Looks really nice though)

The Sovereigns have a double closure. I've never had them come close to coming open, and it's much more comfortable than a string IMO.

I assume the Forty Thieves are similar.

funny thing, as I clicked on "enter" from the link given above, I involuntarily said "Open Sesame!"

There has to be a point where simply sticking a stylized version of your company name on your product does no longer a clothing line make...

rene.r, did you look at all of the designs?

sorry to bump this old thread, but I remembered you (Andre) posting this...and I might actually get a pair of shorts (not sure, but I need trunks anyway)


is rene.r right? Do they only have the shorts with Forty Thieves written on the side for sale? Looked that way when I went to the site, but you mentioned other designs...

that tan hat with the red FF looks great though...


Hi Sothy,

I'll check with the owner. The shorts I have are black with the black Forty Thieves writing on the side. They are very understated, which is why I like them so much. I'll see if there are other designs ready to be shipped.

Thanks for taking my word on a great pair of shorts!

better than the speedos you usually wear on no gi nights.

thanks man, but please don't go to any trouble as I'm not sure if I'll get a pair yet...I just need some trunks so I figured that I'd look into it.

The letter pair looks good IMO, I was just wondering if there were other types as well.