Forum Suggestion

Just got the idea so I am sure there are con's as well as pro's but what do you think of having a special forum just for screenname bets? More and more people are making SN bets. If you want to make a SN bet you could go to the special forum and post or look to find someone else who is wanting to bet.

Mudnamers don't need to read who is betting who and I know I post all of the time making the bets and crowing up the forum w/those threads.

Good idea? Bad idea?

Also mod's could check the forum to see whose name needs to change.




If you still want me to, I could be a mod on that forum. I know we talked about it a while ago back when Hermes beat Manny

damn so my idea wasn't as good as I thought. I just thought it'd be a easier way to do the betting

Sounds like a good idea to me. As you can see I participate in sn bets.

lol I do see that!

Well TTT if anyone else wants to do this and Kirik likes the idea.

Imo it is a good idea

i would never go to that fourm.

I agree w/Purebred.

I love to make the bets but it still sucks having to scroll through a dozen sn bet threads in order to get to anything interesting.

It would clean up the forum imo