Forwarding user to a new page

My friends and I have a stupid Instant Message flame war. We use the Link option to try and fool each other, so the other person gets sent to a picture of a guy we hate.

Now they all know to put the cursor on the link title and hyperlink will show up. How can I set up dummy pages, easily, so they will see that it isn't the same picture, but when clicked on, they will be sent to that picture afterall?

something that would accomplish the same thing but work easier- convert the HTML into hex code HTML.

if you want to set up a page, use a redirect like this -
(found on the Net... I really need to sit down and learn HTML....)

but with brackets, of course

ignore the & lt bit, and add the proper bracket there.

anyway, you can use hex code in the URL, is what I meant, not HTML hex code.

Put some javascript in the event of the A tag (hyperlink) to change the href attribute value. For example, if your link points to Yahoo! you can change it to go to Google like this:


a href="" >="></a>