Forza Motorsport is it?

Anyone playing it? Is it any good?

rental IMO

I'm getting it when it comes out here, on the 8th. I'll let you know. I loved the demo, and I think with all those sweet cars and customization that can be done, I'll be hooked for months.

Dude, i got it 2 days ago, and have had only 8 hours sleep since.

Bludog, how is the wheel. i was thinking of getting it, but heard it doesnt work real well.

I can't wait for the 8th, I need a new game and the first was awesome

If you like racing sims you'll love it. I've worked my way to 77th in the world in Time Trials.

I am, however, pissed off that M$ won't integrate the game with better racing wheels like the Logitech G25. That's some bullshit, but otherwise it's a great sim...

G25 is the one with clutch and 6 speed manual H, isnt it?

Rumor has it that Gran Turismo 5 will have full support of that. I think theres a need for speed game that already does.

how many cars total in a race?

Also, how is the online mode?

So there is no lag in the wheel? I just want to make sure it's a good quality investment before I decide to buy it.

damn good game. the auction house is cool online feature, buying and selling cars.