Fostering Wrong Beliefs

What beliefs do you guys have that you view are wrong and still continue to foster? What beliefs do you have that go against your general 'thought out' system you have chosen for living your life? Do you feel that holding that belief is beneficial?

My example: Police officers, and officers of the law in general are bad. Pros: greater protection against persecution by the law, generally more equipped to deal with police. Cons: Supports a negative, hateful mind. May have problems accepting police as friends, etc.

Well, I want to be able to "love my neighbor" but most of the time I'd rather just staple his/her head to the nearest telephone pole. I'm working on it.

Hey, I am a cop. Although right now I'm a full-time trainer. And I pretty much agree with you. There are a lot of idiot police officers out there.

So perfect you edited your post?



I think it changed the joke to be more subtle.

I know I'm working on the resentment level I have towards my parents right now. I know it's harmful and I'm trying to let it go.

I do meditate and practice buddhist ways. I find it's helping me IMMENSELY.