FOTN : Chandler vs Poirier

Dustin Poirier has spoken out on his heated confrontation with Michael Chandler while sitting cageside at UFC 276.

Poirier is awaiting his next opponent in the Octagon and hasn’t fought since a lightweight title loss to Charles Oliveira last December. He’s been linked to a potential fight with Nate Diaz but nothing has come to fruition.

Poirier has been seen at a series of UFC events over the last year and has emerged as a fan favorite. He and Chandler are vying for a potential rematch against Oliveira in the future.

Poirier and Chandler have gone back-and-forth in the media for a few months and nearly attempted to handle their beef physically at UFC 276. Chandler followed it up by posting a jab on Twitter toward Poirier.

Dustin Poirier Explains Heated Confrontation With Michael Chandler

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During a recent appearance on DC&RC, Poirier spoke out on his run-in with Chandler cageside at UFC 276.

“Look, Daniel, I knew somewhere this was gonna come up. The thing with me now — and my wife — we’ve spoke about it,” Poirier said of his altercation with Chandler. “I’m not tweeting nothing negative towards nobody, in interviews, online, nothing. If I have something to say, I’m gonna say it when the person’s present. And that’s what you saw right there. I had something to say to him, and I got it off my chest, told him what I felt about him, and that’s it. If he ain’t here to defend himself or for me to speak in front of him, we don’t need to talk about it.”

The beef between Poirier and Chandler seemed to begin when Chandler earned a lightweight title shot for just his second UFC fight. He signed the promotion after a long career in Bellator that featured multiple lightweight title reigns.

Following their altercation, Michael Chandler delivered a message to Poirier, calling him “thirsty” for his behavior at UFC 276.

Tensions between Poirier and Chandler appear to be escalating after their in-person incident, and a fight between the two lightweight contenders may be the matchup to make.

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Jolie’s wife, Jolie’s wife!

Dont care about the beef, but dustin tkos chandler.

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Maybe it’s gonna happen…

Gonna Fappen

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he did the same thing against Dan Hooker. He’s a phony nice guy shitcunt.
Colby was spot on about him and what’s the latest on his little charity isn’t his wife on 100k a year running that thing?

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Great fighter but Dustin has ALWAYS had douchey vibes about him


That’s charity for you.

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