Foul Bachelor Frog

One of my all time favorites

Thanks? Phone Post 3.0

I'm pretty sure I've done most of that.

Best one is scratching an itchy asshole with a fart. Phone Post 3.0

Love em Phone Post 3.0

Always loved this meme Phone Post 3.0

Ah, thx OP.

My favourite meme.

I think the only one that comes close is 'High Expectations Asian Father'.

These are amazing. Like they were made about me. Phone Post 3.0

Your contributions would be welcome in the meme thread. Vu Phone Post 3.0


there's one where he mentions using the condensation from a cup to wash your hands. that's me.

I often do the glass of cereal but use a plastic cup and spoon so I can just throw everything in the trash after.